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BambooBox helps growth marketing teams drive revenue across the GTM motions viz. aquisition, cross-sell and upsell. The platform has 4 building blocks: 1. A powerful CDP Engine Ingest, cleanse, organize, visualize and analyze data across customer touch points. 2. AI-driven 6-D scoring Determine journey stages and prioritize key accounts. 3. Next-best-action insights Receive actionable recommendations across the buyer journey to increase funnel velocity. 4. Robust segmentation & orchestration Intelligent segmentation for multi-channel campaign execution. Fast-growing B2B companies like airtel Business, Algonomy, Capillary, DarwinBox, Exotel, Rootstock, Qwickcilver, Mobisy, SupportLogic and Arrowstream have chosen BambooBox to drive revenue faster. Want to experience the difference for yourself? Hit us up and find out.
Revenue Box Technologies Inc.
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Wilmington, DE
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