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The bc.lab monitor is the most powerful AI-driven monitoring solution that gives you real-time insights to social conversations, your media coverage or competitive intellgence. The easy-to-use monitoring-platform supports your individual monitoring targets like social media monitoring, competitive monitoring and global market analysis, media coverage control, brand- and campaign-monitoring and many more. The bc.lab monitor platform features: - Worldwide monitoring of 63+ million Internet sources - AI-powered detection of 42 languages - 4.000+ print newspapers and magazines - TV and Radio Monitoring - Powerful content categorization and sentiment detection - Early-warning system krisen.radar© - Automated Email-alerts - Powerful filtering, drill-down and analyzing capabilities - Strong features to empower colaboration in teams - Automated PDF generation for ready-to-use press reviews and reports - Archiving and download - Support by your personal counterpart We’re proud of our longtime, trustful customer relations with leading companies from different industries, like automotive, retail / E-commerce, entertainment, financial services, food, pharma industrie, software / IT / internet, sports, telecommunication and travel. Ask for quotes!
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