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Hello, I'm Ares Lee, the CEO of weLees. I would like to recommend the new hex editor Blue Print to you. Blue Print works on Windows and Linux platforms, and will soon support OSX and BSD. Blue Print's data providing module is open source. Users can write their own data providing modules according to the protocol to support specific devices, the pci configuration provider is under development, instead of only reading and writing disks, volumes and files like other hex editors. The git project of Blue Print data provider : Blue Print supports remote work, it allows users to perform GUI-based work on headless servers. Blue Print also supports templated parsing of data structures. Because the front end of Blue Print works on the browser, its templates are written in JavaScript language, which gives Blue Print templates powerful features. It can not only display data structure statically, but also show data to user in a friendly way. And further, it can also create associations for logically related structures, guiding users to easily access the associated data. The clips of access associated structure easily Blue Print provides users with templates for many scenarios, including disks, compressed files, file system types. More templates are still under development. Users can also develop their own templates according to the parsing protocol. To sum up, Blue Print is a software that can greatly improve the user's work and learning efficiency. Hope your website accepts Blue Print.
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