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EDUCIAN is a cloud-based student information management system for K-12 schools and colleges. It automates everyday operations, generates insightful reports, and provides a single dashboard to track all institution activities. It also comes with a dedicated mobile app for teachers, parents, and students to manage all features from anywhere and anytime. The app allows teachers to take attendance and send assignments, students to view timetables, parents to check performance and fee dues, and admins to send messages and announcements.
  • Comprehensive features

    EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions offers a wide range of features for managing educational institutions, including admissions, attendance, grading, and financial management.

  • Customizable

    The software can be customized to meet the specific needs of each educational institution, allowing for a more tailored solution.

  • Cloud-based

    EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions is a cloud-based software, which means it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and does not require any on-premise hardware.

  • Limited integrations

    EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions has limited integrations with other software, which may make it difficult to integrate with existing systems.

  • Steep learning curve

    The software may have a steep learning curve for users who are not familiar with ERP systems, which may require additional training.

  • Limited support

    The software may have limited support options, which may make it difficult to resolve issues or get assistance when needed.

  • The market for educational ERP solutions is growing, which may present opportunities for EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions to expand its customer base.
  • EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions can continue to add new features and functionality to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of educational institutions.
  • EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions can form partnerships with other software providers to expand its integrations and offer a more comprehensive solution.
  • There are many other educational ERP solutions on the market, which may make it difficult for EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions to stand out and attract new customers.
  • As a cloud-based software, EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions may be vulnerable to security breaches or data loss, which could damage its reputation and customer trust.
  • Changes in regulations or compliance requirements for educational institutions may require significant updates to the software, which could be costly and time-consuming.

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EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions Plan

EDUCIAN-ERP Solutions offers a tiered pricing model with three versions, starting at $10,000 per year, each with increasing features and capabilities.
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