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Everlance is a mileage and expense partner that helps companies control reimbursement costs and provide job benefits to employees on the road. The platform tracks employee trips, facilitates reports and approvals, verifies compliance, and can even pay employees. Everlance offers flexible program management options and provides a named Customer Success Manager and help desk support.
HQ Location
San Francisco, CA
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Ease of use

    Simple and intuitive interface

  • Automatic tracking

    Automatically tracks mileage and expenses

  • Real-time reporting

    Provides real-time reports and insights

  • Limited integrations

    Integrates with only a few accounting software

  • Mobile-only

    No desktop version available

  • Limited features

    Lacks some advanced features like time tracking

  • Can expand integrations with more accounting software
  • Can add a desktop version for users who prefer it
  • Can add more advanced features like time tracking
  • Facing competition from other mileage and expense tracking apps
  • Changes in tax regulations can affect the app's usefulness
  • Data breaches or security issues can harm the app's reputation

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Review Distribution

  • 👍
    High - rated users

    This app runs quietly in the background tracking business miles accurately and it is easy to separate personal miles from business miles.Not a fan of having every mile tracked and it even tracks when riding in somebody else's car. May forget to turn it back on for the next business trip.

  • 🤔
    Average - rated users

    Potentially easy to use, allows attribution of mileage to different businesses, and has detailed reports for tax preparation.The app did not always remind me to categorize trips and I believe some mileage was omitted.

  • 👎
    Low - rated users

    Super easy to use in every way, from starting tracking for each trip to looking over past trips.Nothing to dislike about Everlance, works great throughout the day.


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Everlance Plan

Everlance offers a free basic version and a premium version for $7.99/month with additional features for mileage and expense tracking.
CPM Program $ 118 1 User Per Year
Unlimited automatically detected trips Trip auto-classification rules Commute detection and auto-deduction Expense tracking w/bank and credit card sync Free admin and manager only accounts Single Sign-On Phone and chat customer support Live admin and user trainings License and insurance validation (optional add-on) Motor Vehicle Record validation (optional add-on) Managed Reimbursements (optional add-on) Everything included in free
Occasional Driver $ Free 1 User Per Month
30 automatically detected trips per month per user Unlimited manual start and stop trip tracking Mileage and expense reports Customizable report approval flows Expense tracking w/receipt uploads Management dashboard Unlimited users Email support
FAVR Program $ 398 1 User Per Year
Customized plan based on mileage reimbursement budget Compliance management and taxability reporting Monthly variable rate adjustments License and insurance validation Bulk management of favorite locations, expense categories and tags ERP/HR system integrations Dedicated onboarding and Customer Success Manager Everything included in Mileage Tracking & CPM Programs
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