Haptic Cow & Horse

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Virtalis offers Haptic Cow and Haptic Horse products that use virtual touch technology to simulate rectal and abdominal examinations for veterinary students. The products have been installed in many UK veterinary schools.
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  • Unique concept

    Combines haptic technology with animal figurines

  • Interactive

    Allows users to feel the movements of the animals

  • Educational

    Can be used to teach children about animal behavior

  • Limited audience

    May only appeal to a niche market of animal lovers

  • Expensive

    Haptic technology can be costly to produce

  • Requires batteries

    May be inconvenient for some users

  • Could expand to include other animals or haptic experiences
  • Could partner with zoos or museums for educational purposes
  • Could sell directly to consumers through an online store
  • May face competition from other haptic technology products
  • Haptic technology may become outdated or replaced by other technologies
  • Consumers may be less likely to purchase luxury items during a recession

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Haptic Cow & Horse Plan

Haptic Cow & Horse offers a free basic version and a paid premium version with additional features for $4.99.
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