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Nuix is an eDiscovery workstation platform that enables analysts and non-technical investigators to collaborate on investigations. Nuix Workstation provides quick investigation solving through fast data processing, data archives, and accurate evidence classifying. It is a powerful web tool that conveniently delivers secure and available evidence on solving cases of malware, hacking, and insider threats. Nuix enables senior investigators and case supervisors to allocate and distribute information to authorized staff within a case. By logging on to the app's interface, they gain access to classified data and work on technical and other investigation details. If the case needs any external expertise, leading staff can get in contact with tens or hundreds of extra analysts, all by using a web browser and login credentials. The platform applies a logic engine power to identify, deter, and remediate malicious behavior, limiting or preventing the damage. Nuix is able to separate authentic from harmful user or software activity, as well as to handle the accurate response and conduct needed investigations. The platform comes with a simple interface that enables people with minimal training or technology expertise to use it.
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