Boost Your Virtual Event Engagement with Airgram

The rise of virtual events has created a need for event technology platforms that can facilitate engagement and interaction among attendees. One such platform is Airgram, which offers a suite of tools and features designed to enhance the overall event experience. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this platform and how it can help organizations boost engagement at their virtual and hybrid events.

What is Airgram?

It is an event technology platform that specializes in virtual and hybrid events. It enables users to create interactive and engaging experiences for attendees, whether they are attending in-person or remotely. The product stands out from other event technology platforms due to its powerful livestreaming capabilities and suite of engagement tools.

Key Features and Capabilities

One of the key features of Airgram is its ability to host livestreams. With this feature, users can broadcast their events to a global audience, opening up new possibilities for engagement and participation. It also includes a suite of tools for audience engagement, such as live polling, Q&A sessions, and interactive chat functionality. These features make it possible for attendees to participate in the event and connect with other attendees, regardless of where they are located.

The platform also includes customizable templates for event registration pages, branded event pages, and email invitations, making it easy for organizers to create professional-looking communications and marketing materials. This helps organizations build their brand and enhance the overall event experience.

Benefits of Using it

Using the platform can benefit organizations by enabling them to host engaging and interactive virtual and hybrid events. The platform’s suite of engagement tools makes it easy for attendees to participate and connect with each other, increasing overall engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, its livestreaming feature allows events to reach a wider audience, increasing exposure and potentially leading to new business opportunities.

How the platform Facilitates Livestreaming

The platform makes it easy for users to livestream their events to a global audience. The platform includes all the necessary tools and features to create a professional-looking livestream, including customizable branding options and integration with popular social media platforms. Additionally, its livestreaming feature enables viewers to participate in the event by submitting questions and comments in real-time, increasing overall engagement and participation.

What is Workflos?

Workflos is a SaaS management platform that streamlines the entire software procurement and asset management process for organizations. It offers a suite of tools that help businesses optimize their software usage, minimize waste, and reduce costs. Workflos stands out from other asset management platforms due to its intuitive interface and personalized support services. With Workflos, organizations can efficiently manage licenses, monitor usage, and automate software deployment across multiple devices and locations. Workflos is a cloud-based platform that facilitates successful management of software assets. It provides businesses, whether large enterprises or small-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), with real-time analytics and reporting tools. This makes it easy for organizations to analyze their software investments and make data-driven decisions on how to improve them. With Workflos, businesses can stay ahead of the curve by optimizing their software assets and improving ROI. Whether you need to manage licenses, track software usage, or simply want to streamline your software management processes, Workflos is the perfect solution.

Streamline and Engage: The Benefits of Workflos AI and Airgram

Workflos AI and Airgram are two powerful platforms that can help organizations optimize their operations and enhance engagement with their audiences. While Workflos is an AI-powered automation platform, Airgram specializes in virtual and hybrid events.

When coupled with Workflos AI, businesses can optimize their operations and automate tasks across different departments, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic work. By automating routine tasks, businesses can increase job satisfaction and improve employee retention rates. Additionally, Workflos AI provides tools for data analysis and visualization, enabling organizations to gain insights into their operations and make data-driven decisions that drive greater efficiency and profitability.

By using the platform alongside Workflos AI, organizations can host engaging and interactive virtual and hybrid events. With the innovative features above, event organizers can increase exposure and connect with potential customers in real-time. The seamless integration of the platform’s livestreaming feature makes it easy to broadcast events to a large audience, whether you’re hosting a conference, trade show, or other type of gathering. This results in increased visibility and brand awareness, providing businesses with the opportunity to generate new leads and grow their customer base. With this useful platform, businesses can take advantage of the latest technology to expand their reach and stay ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, when used together, Workflos and Airgram can provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their operations and engage with their audiences. From automating routine tasks to hosting engaging virtual events, these two platforms can help businesses enhance their overall performance and drive greater efficiency and profitability.

Successful Event Examples

Several successful events have used the platform we mentioned above, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness at increasing engagement and participation. One example is a virtual conference hosted by a technology company, which used the platform to livestream its keynote presentations and facilitate Q&A sessions with attendees. The event received positive feedback from attendees, who appreciated the opportunity to participate in real-time discussions and connect with other attendees.


In conclusion, Airgram is a powerful event technology platform that can help organizations enhance the overall experience of their virtual and hybrid events. Its suite of engagement tools, powerful livestreaming capabilities, and customizable branding options make it a great choice for organizations looking to boost engagement and create memorable experiences for attendees. Consider using this powerful platform for your next virtual or hybrid event to take advantage of these benefits and create an engaging, interactive experience for your attendees.

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