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Analytics Applications



BigQuery is a fully-managed enterprise data warehouse for analytics at any scale. BigQuery is a Google Cloud Platform tool - a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) maintaining the querying and rapid analysis of enterprise-level big data. This is one of the best parallel solutions for Google Analytics, able to store terabytes of data. This cloud data warehouse service is a solution for not only Google Analytics data management, but also for any other data that users need to store and analyze. BigQuery does not require a server or a database administrator, it is low-cost, and makes data analytics productive. The key parts of this solution are the fast SQL-based queries, capacity scaling, integration with more existing ETL tools, logical data warehousing, automatic backup, and more. The service is free for up to 1TB of data analyzed each month and 10GB of data stored.

Google Analytics

Improve the customer experience with digital analytics for your website or mobile app — for free. Google Analytics gives companies rich insights about their websites, their audiences and their digital marketing. Powerful, flexible and easy to use, Analytics helps savvy marketers find the messages and channels that earn them the best results. State-of-the-art conversion attribution and testing tools help companies large and small build better user experiences and maximize their digital strategy. Get user insights that only Google can give you. Understand your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your content, products, and more. Whether your business is big or small, Google can help you see what’s working and fix what’s not. Let Google Analytics work for you. Learn more at


ZoomInfo is a business intelligence software that provides a B2B contact database enabling users to connect with decision makers and execute surgically targeted campaigns. ZoomInfo gives a persistently refreshed, privacy-first database that empowers sales and marketing teams with accurate B2B contact and company intelligence. With ZoomInfo companies will be able to associate with decision-makers in any industry or job function and sharpen their focus on specific accounts. It likewise gives access to more straightforward phone and email addresses, priced by quote. It provides records segmented by industry, organization area and size, income, title, work capacity, and other utilized criteria. An additional feature is a possibility to source top candidates, with access to important information fundamental for success. Through access to all this segmented data users can integrate with CRM, Sales, and Marketing Automation systems to execute hyper-targeted campaigns and more effectively close deals.


Yurbi is a powerful BI platform that can be white-labeled and embedded into your hosted and on-premise applications to enable interactive dashboards and self-service, ad-hoc reporting. Yurbi offers an amazingly useful tool to Software Vendors. It includes interactive dashboards, reports, and a codeless report builder that allow end users to create ad-hoc reports, dashboards, and self-subscribe to scheduled reports of the data that is important to them without coding. Yurbi empowers developers with multi-tenant data security tools to limit users to only the information they need to know and to provide auditing of data interactions.   Yurbi provides an API that lets developers write code to automatically create new accounts, set security policies, and deploy reports an...


Verfacto is a machine-learning tool that unifies customer data from scattered sources, blends it with behavioural data, and turns into insights that help e-commerce businesses to approach the right audience with the right message, adjust acquisition channels according to customers lifetime value, upsell and cross-sell effectively, make discounts only if they have a positive effect, and more.
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