Manage SaaS

Manage all of your internal and external apps on one platform, solve Shadow IT problems, improve security and compliance.

Unified SaaS Management Platform

Build SaaS

Has all the capabilities of IDaaS, build and manage internal apps on SMP.

Discover SaaS

Uncover sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS use and cost.

Automate SaaS

Simplify SaaS administration with turnkey configuration and workflow engine.

Protect SaaS

Protect organizational identities and data within SaaS. Ensure SaaS configurations comply, security.

Optimize SaaS

Analysis, insights, alerting and automation to optimize SaaS cost and entitlement.

Enable SaaS

Availability of an employee-facing application store or catalog to simplify SaaS requests.

Improved visibility of your SaaS

Manage SaaS with real-time tracking, user access control, and automated updates. Improve efficiency,
cuts costs, and boosts security and compliance.

Save-on your cost

Optimized SaaS contract management and decision-making lead to cost savings by integrating your app, reducing unnecessary expenses, and automatically removing unused licenses.

SaaS Management Platform

We believe that zero-touch automation represents the future of SMP. This includes features such as auto-completing users’ lifecycle management, auto-renewal, and auto-removal of unused licenses, among others.

Enhanced employee on/
offboarding experience

Delight users and speed up application access with powerful and dynamic onboarding experiences. Develop intelligent and dynamic offboarding checklists that can be triggered by any event, terminate users, and instantly transfer data across thousands of applications.

Simplify Compliance

Streamline user access reviews with audit-compliant reporting for SOX, SOC2, and ISO27001.