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Fileboard is a sales engagement and smart outreach platform that shortens your sales cycle with tools for productivity and customer insight. Our AI-enabled features allow sales teams to see key engagement metrics in real time, know exactly when to follow up, and identify who is most likely to respond. With pre-built and proven workflows, a suite of sales productivity tools, and an award winning salesforce integration, Fileboard makes your process more efficient without breaking your existing one. Our suite of features are made to accommodate your team’s different roles and increase efficiency throughout your process. Join customers like Oracle, NBC, and hundreds more satisfied sales professionals who have seen their sales volume and account size increase with Fileboard.
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Get a sales process that works. Be a winner every day! All the Tools you need to be Successful in Sales An Easy Sales Process that gets you 30% More Wins Sales Task Prioritisation based on Actual Customer Engagement Get up to speed 40% faster, save 3 Months from Lost Quota Auto Log Everything: stop wasting time on logging your sales activity Celebrate Harder with Sales Motivation Get the Industry’s best Salesforce integration
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