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Backup Ninja is a simple, secure, and cost-effective SaaS service you can use to backup the world’s most popular open source databases; locally or in the cloud. Backup Ninja allows you to backup your databases locally, in the cloud, or in a combination of multiple locations to ensure there is always a good backup should disaster strike; and you can set it up in under five minutes. You can have full control over your database backups with configuration options to meet any budget or application needs. Benefits of Backup Ninja * With Backup Ninja you can go from homegrown custom scripts that need upkeep to 'scriptless' peace-of-mind in minutes. It helps keep your data safe from data corruption on your production server, or malicious ransomware attacks. * Backup Ninja provides you with a single location to manage backups for multiple databases with different database vendors and backup methods. * You can view all your backups from a single interface, their retention periods when new backups are scheduled. * Backup Ninja keeps you protected by offering you the ability to backup your data locally where you can be supported by your countries privacy laws. Backup Ninja provides backup services for the following technologies * MySQL standalone and replication (5.6, 5.7, 8) * mysqldump * Xtrabackup * MariaDB * Mysqldump * Mariabackup * PostgreSQL standalone and replication (9.4+) * pg backrest * MongoDB standalone (4+) * Mongodump * TimeScale
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