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Bautomate ( is an intelligent automation platform for streamlining and automating business processes in a variety of industries. Cloud-based Bautomate is built on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies for improving operational efficiency. Bautomate combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) , Business Process Management (BPM), Document Management System (DMS) and Contextual Content Extraction to automate business processes. Building blocks are: BPM with intelligent BOTS: Flexible and scalable Workflows with BOTs automates a wide range of repetitive tasks by interacting with different systems Cognitive Content Capture: An intelligent content extraction (OCR) from structured and unstructured documents such as PDFs, Images, etc. Document Management System: Organize, manage and track your documents securely throughout the organization. Overview of the technology: The CORE - BPMN 2.0 powers the CORE platform with Business Process Management workflows along with Schedulers, Event managers, Tasks, Dynamic Forms The Advanced - In addition to the Strong CORE, the advanced components adds more firepower via its smart utilities like Document Content Readers, OCR, Auto Validation Bot, AI Predictive Bot, End to End AP Automation, etc The View - Bautomate presents detailed insights about Process Metrics and Business Metrics via sleek and powerful dashboards and reports. The Dynamic - Being Dynamic and Agile is the key to success in this evolving world and so we are. Bautomate agility is expressed strongly via Dynamic Workflows, Dynamic Forms, Dynamic Dashboards, Dynamic Reports, Dynamic Rule Builders etc Cloud-based Bautomate is built on Artificial intelligence (AI) , Machine Learning(ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies which facilitates the organization to achieve better operational efficiency. Bautomate is praised for pioneering an intelligent digital workforce, combining BPA with cognitive capabilities to surpass other automation solutions and also providing actionable insights. In the end, Bautomate's product performance, customer satisfaction, and ability to continuously innovate in key areas put it ahead of the competition. No Third-party Tools / Integration: It is a completely self-developed solution and does not rely on third-party Tools / Integration like our competitors. This allows us to offer our products to our customers at a much lower cost. Affordable, Flexible Licensing Model & No hidden cost: Bautomate pricing and flexible licensing models helps customers from SMB sectors to pursue Bautomate financially and technically comfortable. Customization: Being a complete Home product gives Bautomate excellent control over the product features and handling customization requests to tailor the platform according to the customer’s needs seamlessly. Customer Support: From Process Engineering to Daily Transaction handling, Bautomate’s Managed services give an extended arm to support our customers in configuring and handling the business processes effectively. “We will be there, for you” AI Validation Bautomate’s Industry first & best AI validation feature ensures OCR data extraction is free from errors and identifies and isolates ambiguities brilliantly for verification. Pre Built Bots Accelerate and scale automation with prebuilt bots from Bot Store. From Functional bots for Invoice Automation to AI bots for Forecasting, Bautomate is overwhelmed with smart utilities which bring magic at your fingertips. Enterprise Integration The extensible and pluggable Automation 360 architecture allows easy integration with external systems at ease. SAP, Salesforce, Tally, ERP, Email, FTP and the connectors list goes on. AI/ Machine Learning 5 - Click Forecasting AI Bot, Hybrid BPMN, Auto Validation Bot, BYOB Security Governance Bautomate providing the most comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security including identity and user access management, data encryption, audit logs and monitoring, cloud infrastructure security, incident response, and application security
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