BMC Compuware Abend-AID

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Using Abend-AID, developers can: Identify errors and verify test results through a directory of all fault activity View the text of a statement causing an error and the contents of its related fields Clearly display data in storage and data being transferred between programs Identify field lengths and index values for multi-dimensional tables View source code for program logic Get richer, more complete insight into mainframe issues through an integration with Syncsort Ironstream® including a Splunk® app or through an integration with BMC AMI Defender for z/OS® including a Kibana® dashboard to help with analysis The Value of Abend-AID Reduce the risk of changing critical mainframe applications Ensure mainframe application reliability and quality Detect errors earlier during development, allowing for a DevOps “shift left” Achieve service level agreements and MIPS reduction Reduce failure resolution time and negative impact on business due to backend mainframe errors Reduce development downtime and time-to-market for new functionality Quickly resolve application failures with source-level analysis
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