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BPO Nextdoor, a European business process outsourcing company, provides a wide range of services, including, but not limited to: data entry and analytics, customer support, media monitoring and analysis, web development, graphic design, image and video editing. We have clients worldwide, with majority being in the DACH region (70%). Our company so far has successfully carried out projects with up to 15 European languages, but a special focus is on a German language. For this and other reasons, BPO Nextdoor was featured in the Independent Service Provider Catalogue by German Outsourcing Association. With more than 200 professionals and almost 10 Years on the market, we can deliver competent and reliable solutions in timely manner according to your needs. Our team in Ukraine keeps on providing excellent work and we systematically support our Armed Forces in wartimes. Due to our advantageous locations in Lviv (Western Ukraine) and Rzeszow (Poland), you will benefit from access to an excellent labor pool: well-educated, multilingual and cost-effective professionals
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