BreakAway for Athletes

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The BreakAway app helps athletes turn data insights into the language of their sport to improve performance.
BreakAway Data
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  • Customizable training plans

    Allows athletes to create personalized training plans based on their goals and abilities

  • Real-time performance tracking

    Provides athletes with instant feedback on their performance during training sessions

  • Integration with wearable devices

    Enables athletes to sync data from their fitness trackers and other wearable devices

  • Limited sport coverage

    Only supports a few sports, which may not be suitable for all athletes

  • No social features

    Does not offer any social features, such as sharing workouts or connecting with other athletes

  • No nutrition tracking

    Does not include any features for tracking nutrition or meal planning

  • Could expand to support more sports, which would attract a wider range of athletes
  • Could partner with nutrition apps to offer meal planning and tracking features
  • Could add social features to allow athletes to connect with each other and share workouts
  • May face competition from established fitness brands that offer similar products
  • May be impacted by changing fitness trends and preferences among athletes
  • May face challenges related to data privacy and security, which could impact user trust

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BreakAway for Athletes Plan

BreakAway for Athletes offers a subscription-based pricing model with three versions, ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 per month.
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