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BuzzBack provides visual and global insights through an interactive experience, helping consumer, pharmaceutical, and financial services companies innovate and connect with consumers. They use an intuitive image-driven and language-rich approach to break through marketing challenges and fast-track innovation.
HQ Location
New York, NY
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Real-time insights

    Provides real-time insights into customer feedback and opinions

  • Customizable surveys

    Offers customizable surveys to fit specific research needs

  • Data visualization

    Provides easy-to-understand data visualization for quick analysis

  • Limited integrations

    Limited integrations with other software and tools

  • Expensive pricing

    Pricing may be expensive for small businesses or startups

  • Limited survey templates

    Limited number of survey templates available

  • Opportunity to expand integrations with other software and tools
  • Opportunity to target small businesses and startups with more affordable pricing plans
  • Opportunity to add more survey templates to cater to different research needs
  • Competition from other market research software providers
  • Potential threat of economic downturn affecting demand for market research software
  • Potential threat of data privacy concerns affecting customer trust and usage

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Review Distribution

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    High - rated users

    Customers appreciate BuzzBack's innovation and use of digital tools to understand consumer perception of their brand. They also value the specificity and practicality provided by BuzzBack's approach. There are no negative experiences reported, although response times could be improved. Customers highly recommend BuzzBack for their commitment to helping large corporations and emerging brands overcome challenges in concept development, brand positioning, and communication strategy.

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    Average - rated users

    No mid-rated segment information provided.

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    Low - rated users

    No negative experiences reported in the low-rated segment.

BuzzBack Plan

BuzzBack's pricing strategy offers three versions with varying features and pricing tiers, starting at $1,500 for the basic version.
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