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CA Librarian is a change management solution that helps manage software modules on multiple mainframe platforms. It offers service facilities to simplify application management and has capabilities for reporting, performance monitoring, security, archiving, and recovery. It also provides comprehensive tracking and control for source code development.
HQ Location
San Jose, CA
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Version control

    Allows for easy tracking and management of code versions

  • Integration

    Can integrate with other CA products for a complete software development solution

  • Customization

    Can be customized to fit specific organizational needs

  • Outdated

    May not have the latest features and technology compared to newer version control systems

  • Complexity

    May have a steep learning curve for new users

  • Limited support

    May not have as much support or resources available compared to more popular version control systems

  • Can be updated and modernized to keep up with current technology trends
  • Can expand integration capabilities with other software development tools
  • Can increase support and resources available to users
  • May face competition from newer and more popular version control systems
  • May not be widely adopted by organizations, limiting potential user base
  • May face security concerns and vulnerabilities that could impact user trust

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CA Librarian Plan

CA Librarian's pricing strategy offers a perpetual license with maintenance and support for each version, with pricing based on the number of users.
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