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Cigati Yandex Backup Tool is a kind of software that helps users to back up and save Yandex mail into different email clients, for example, Amazon webmail, Thunderbird, Office 365, Gmail, IMAP, AOL, etc. While converting the mails, this software prevents any kind of data loss. It also keeps the data integrity. This utility also converts the Yandex Mailboxes files into various file formats like PDF, DOC, PNG, OST, PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, MHTML, and into many more such files. This software is safe and secure to maintain data intact throughout the backup procedure of Yandex Emails. This wizard can easily run on all versions of Windows from the latest to older. Yandex Email Backup Tool can also make users display their account in a tree structure. Sometimes, users need a full backup of their Yandex account, There is no requirement to log in to Yandex mail. Just check all the folders from the displayed tree structure of the Yandex account in the software. This software also has a feature to remove duplicate emails while performing the backup process according to the user's chosen folder of the Yandex account. Using this feature of Yandex Email Backup Software, users can not only backup the emails, But also can delete the Yandex Mailboxes emails after the backup of emails. Using the Free up server space feature user can remove the server space after the backup. If a user is already using the Cigati Yandex Backup Tool to backup a Yandex account. Then users use a feature to skip the emails that they had backed up earlier using the Yandex email backup software. If users need to back up the selective Yandex emails from one to another date. Feature of Mail Filter checkbox the software executes the process of selective backup. This software also helps users to download or backup all files with attachments into their personal offline storage.
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