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Clever Compliance is a Nordic company that enables corporations to track their legal responsibilities and manage all their product compliance work. The company has developed a product compliance management system that streamlines compliance work, monitors regulatory changes, mitigates legal risks and ensures collaboration between departments. Main features and benefits: * Compliance tools for a quick inventory of legal requirements * Non-stop monitoring for changes in product safety standards and regulations * Design, produce and distribute compliance documentation. * Cloud-based documentation depository * Time-tested and effective results provided by the system * Dedicated workspaces for easy team collaboration and coordination * Create compliance dashboards and reports * Easy-to-follow product compliance workflow maps * Expert assistance whenever needed. As overall, the product compliance management system is a simple, efficient, employee-friendly and collaborative solution that is perfect for remote work. Scandinavian companies currently enjoy monthly savings of thousands of euros and a less stressful, more productive work environment.
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