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ClubExpress is a SaaS platform that provides associations with tools to manage their front-office and back-office operations. It includes features such as a membership database, online member signup and renewals, credit-card processing, event calendar and registration, E-commerce storefront, committees, documents, and more. The platform is easy to use and does not require programming or HTML experience. It also offers state-of-the-art security and associations own their data at all times.
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Charlotte, NC
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • All-in-one platform

    Offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing clubs and associations

  • Customizable

    Allows users to tailor the platform to their specific needs and branding

  • Ease of use

    Intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy for non-technical users to navigate

  • Limited integrations

    Does not offer as many integrations with other software as some competitors

  • Pricing

    Can be more expensive than other options, especially for smaller organizations

  • Limited mobile app

    Mobile app is not as robust as some competitors, with limited functionality

  • As more organizations move online, there is a growing need for software to manage them
  • Continues to add new features and functionality to stay competitive
  • Has the potential to expand into new markets outside of the US
  • Faces competition from other all-in-one club management software providers
  • A recession or economic downturn could lead to decreased demand for club management software
  • As with any software that handles sensitive data, security breaches could damage the company's reputation and lead to lost business

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Review Distribution

  • 👍
    High - rated users

    Includes most of the features required by a grassroots, not-for-profit membership organization. Support is very responsive and robust.The user interface is dated and in many cases awkward to use and difficult to learn. Integration with financial accounting is unwieldy and requires a lot of staff time to reconcile.

  • 🤔
    Average - rated users

    It includes the features required for managing membership and communicating with members and non-member volunteers.N/A.

  • 👎
    Low - rated users

    The ClubExpress platform is an excellent system for managing our organization. CE's support organization is fantastic with quick responses and detailed written documentation addressing all features in great detail.Reporting out of the database is limited. Some custom coding may be required for specific situations.


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ClubExpress Plan

ClubExpress offers a tiered pricing model with features such as website hosting, membership management, and event registration starting at $20/month.
Basic $ 150 With One-Time Purchase
Basic setup includes full support during setup period and importing your member and non-member databases. Website with areas for public, members only and admins Unlimited custom web pages Unlimited photos and photo albums 22+ modules built-in, including Event Calendar Unlimited disk space and bandwidth Unlimited blast emails Unlimited support for admins and members
Pro Pack $ 4 With One-Time Purchase
For organizations who want us to do most of the work building out and configuring the website, modules, and databases. Most complete package available. Includes consulting on the Information Architecture of the website Work with a designer to create a fully customized look and feel for your website. Up to 4 hours of training with an Implementation Engineer. UP to 3 months of ongoing maintenance at 5 hrs/mo. Includes building the first 40 custom web pages on your website.
Builder Pack Plus $ 3 With One-Time Purchase
Everything in the Builder Pack, plus: Build 30 static web pages instead of 20 3 hours of training with an engineer
Builder Pack $ 2 With One-Time Purchase
For organizations that need more help building out and configuring ClubExpress. Build a static web page template and the first 20 static web pages instead of 5. Create a semi-custom look and feel for the website, using the built-in tools enhanced with custom CSS and JavaScript Set up optional additional charges Configure non-member categories Upload up to 100 photos and create the first 5 photo albums Set up discussion forums, surveys, and volunteering Set up the E-Commerce storefront Set up emailing distribution lists
Starter Pack Plus $ 1 With One-Time Purchase
Everything in the Starter Pack, plus: Build 10 static web pages instead of 5 2 hrs of training with an engineer
Starter Pack $ 960 With One-Time Purchase
For clubs and associations with some internal resources but who need a little help configuring the basics of their website and databases. Full featured but lean! Our Implementation Engineers will help you build out and configure the website, modules, and databases. Create the look and feel of your website Create a home page to properly introduce your organization to the public Configure menus Build first 5 custom web pages Configure modules Configure member types, renewal / expiration settings, additional data questions, etc. Configure modules (committees, interests, document library, event calendar, donations, etc. Configure blast emailings Configure admins and coordinators
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