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Cobo Custody is compliant, military-grade institutional crypto custody that balances security and efficiency. With industry leading security and technology such as 3-tier private key storage architecture, HSM signing, multi-signature access, key sharding, and global key distribution, it is the most secure custody solution in the market. Its specialized set of risk management configuration such as optimized risk control framework, on-chain monitoring expertise, and custom access and workflows, it supports institutional security and team collaboration needs and eliminates single points of failure and operational risk errors. Cobo Custody protects your crypto, whilst giving you efficient access when you need it. Cobo keeps your digital assets secure through two customisable custodial solutions: HSM and MPC. Full Custody (HSM) Enjoy the convenience of Cobo’s Full Custody while having the peace of mind that your assets are protected by Cobo’s military-grade security and multi-layer defense that combines bank-grade hardware security modules (HSM), Intel SGX, and more. MPC Co-Managed Custody Maintain full control over your assets with Cobo's cutting-edge multi-party computation (MPC) technology, which splits a private key into individual encrypted shares and eliminates single points of failure.
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One Raffles Place, Tower 1 #38-02, Singapore
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