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ExB offers AI/ ML Driven Cognitive Process Automation that allows insurers to convert any form of text into actionable information for input management and process automation. ExB offers an AI and ML Driven Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) platform that truly understands documents as a human. Insurers can implement ready-to-use pre-trained policy management, claims management, and invoice assessment modules, request us to train ad-hoc models for their unique business needs and workflows, or directly utilize our Cognitive Workbench (CWB) to independently create and train any sort of data extraction and end-to-end input management model. ExB allows insurers to optimize data extraction, input management, and intelligent document processing with a single source of truth. Unstructured data processing automation enables insurance companies to offer a greater customer experience, drive retention, and boost competitiveness by converting incoming data into immediately actionable information and insights for process automation and text mining activities at a fraction of the costs that companies incur today. Unlike our competitors, we offer a centralized intelligent document processing solution that can process every sort of unstructured document in a single end-to-end input management system.
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