COMPASS Directional Path Planning

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COMPASS is a directional well path planning, survey data management, and anti-collision analysis application designed for oil companies and directional drilling contractors.
HQ Location
Houston, Texas
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Efficient

    Optimizes routes for faster delivery times

  • Accurate

    Uses real-time traffic data to provide precise directions

  • Customizable

    Allows for personalized route preferences and vehicle specifications

  • Limited Coverage

    Only available in select regions

  • Costly

    Higher pricing compared to other navigation software

  • Complex

    May require training to fully utilize all features

  • Potential to expand coverage to new regions
  • Opportunity to integrate with other logistics software
  • Potential to add new features such as predictive analytics
  • Facing competition from other navigation software providers
  • Regulatory changes may impact the use of navigation software for commercial purposes
  • Emerging technologies may render current software obsolete

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COMPASS Directional Path Planning Plan

COMPASS Directional Path Planning offers a free basic version and a premium version priced at $9.99/month with additional features.
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