Connected Depot

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Connected Depot is a cloud-based app that simplifies and streamlines product loading in oil, gas, and chemical terminals, revolutionizing truck handling and shortening the entrance-to-exit process at terminals significantly. It features the new SAP cloud-based functionality Online Check-in.
Implico Group
HQ Location
Hamburg, Hamburg
  • Real-time tracking

    Provides real-time tracking of inventory and assets

  • Automated replenishment

    Automatically replenishes inventory based on set parameters

  • Centralized management

    Allows for centralized management of multiple locations

  • Dependent on internet connection

    Requires a stable internet connection to function properly

  • Limited integrations

    Integrates with a limited number of other software systems

  • High initial cost

    Has a high initial cost for implementation and setup

  • Can expand into new markets and industries
  • Can integrate with more software systems to increase functionality
  • Can offer additional services such as consulting or training
  • May face competition from established players in the market
  • May be negatively impacted by economic downturns or recessions
  • May be impacted by changes in regulations or compliance requirements

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Connected Depot Plan

Connected Depot offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions, Basic ($10/month), Pro ($25/month), and Enterprise ($50/month), each with increasing features and capabilities.
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