CR2 Hospital Information System (HIS)

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HospiERP is a hospital management system that integrates e-governance for administration, infrastructure, and logistics management.
CR2 Technologies
HQ Location
Ahmedabad, India
  • Comprehensive functionality

    Includes modules for all aspects of hospital management

  • Customizable

    Can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a hospital

  • Scalable

    Can accommodate the needs of hospitals of all sizes

  • Complex implementation

    May require significant time and resources to implement

  • High cost

    May be expensive for smaller hospitals

  • Steep learning curve

    May take time for staff to become proficient in using the system

  • As healthcare becomes more digitized, more hospitals may be in need of HIS
  • Can potentially expand into new geographic markets or serve new types of healthcare providers
  • Can potentially integrate with other healthcare systems to provide a more comprehensive solution
  • May face competition from other established HIS providers or new entrants to the market
  • Changes in healthcare regulations may impact the demand for HIS or require changes to the system
  • As a system that stores sensitive patient information, HIS may be vulnerable to cyber attacks

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CR2 Hospital Information System (HIS) Plan

CR2 HIS offers a modular pricing strategy with basic and advanced versions, allowing hospitals to customize their system based on their needs.
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