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Cronometer is a nutrition tracking app that provides accurate and comprehensive nutritional data from verified sources. It offers a product called Cronometer Pro for healthcare professionals, nutritionists, dietitians, universities, and research teams. Cronometer Pro allows professionals to monitor their clients' accounts, manage their settings and nutrition data, share foods and recipes, create custom biometrics, and generate professional documentation. It also provides features such as in-app encrypted messaging, support for clients with eating disorders, and weekly live webinar Q&A access with staff.
Cronometer Software Inc.
  • Nutrition tracking

    Allows users to track their daily food intake and monitor their nutrition

  • Customizable goals

    Users can set personalized goals for weight loss, muscle gain, or other health objectives

  • Integration with fitness trackers

    Syncs with popular fitness trackers like Fitbit and Garmin to provide a comprehensive view of health data

  • Limited food database

    May not have all the foods a user eats, requiring manual entry of nutritional information

  • No social features

    Does not offer social networking or community features for users to connect with others

  • Expensive subscription

    The Pro version requires a monthly or annual subscription fee, which may be a barrier for some users

  • Could partner with companies to offer nutrition and fitness tracking as part of employee wellness programs
  • Could partner with meal delivery services to offer personalized nutrition plans based on user data
  • Could expand into new markets outside of North America to reach a wider audience
  • May struggle to compete with free nutrition and fitness tracking apps that offer similar features
  • Could face backlash if user data is compromised or misused
  • May need to adapt to changing consumer preferences for different types of diets or exercise routines

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Cronometer Pro Plan

Cronometer Pro offers a subscription-based pricing model with additional features for $5.99/month or $34.99/year.
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