CropLogic Aerial Imagery

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CropLogic Aerial Imagery is a SaaS solution that provides in-field imagery to help farmers detect and intervene in problem areas on their farms, minimizing threats to crop performance.
  • Precision

    Highly accurate aerial imagery for crop analysis

  • Efficiency

    Saves time and resources by identifying crop issues quickly

  • Customization

    Tailored solutions for specific crops and regions

  • Cost

    Expensive compared to traditional crop analysis methods

  • Accessibility

    Limited availability in certain regions

  • Reliance on weather

    Aerial imagery may be affected by weather conditions

  • Growing demand for precision agriculture solutions
  • Opportunities to expand into new regions and crops
  • Potential partnerships with other agtech companies
  • Increasing competition in the precision agriculture market
  • Potential regulatory hurdles for aerial imagery technology
  • Emergence of new and more advanced crop analysis technologies

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CropLogic Aerial Imagery Plan

CropLogic Aerial Imagery offers a tiered pricing plan starting at $2.50 per acre for basic features and up to $5.50 per acre for advanced features.
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