Databricks Lakehouse Platform

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Databricks is a data and AI company that provides a unified data platform for data engineering, machine learning, and analytics. It is used by over 5,000 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, and was founded by the creators of Apache Spark, Delta Lake, and MLflow.
Databricks Inc.
HQ Location
San Francisco, CA
Number of Employees
  • Unified Analytics

    Integrates data engineering, data science, and business analytics

  • Scalability

    Can handle large-scale data processing and storage

  • Ease of Use

    Provides a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools

  • Cost

    Can be expensive for small businesses or startups

  • Learning Curve

    Requires some level of technical expertise to fully utilize its features

  • Limited Integrations

    May not integrate with all third-party tools or platforms

  • Increasing demand for data analytics solutions presents growth opportunities
  • Partnering with more third-party tools and platforms can increase its market reach
  • Continued development of new and innovative features can attract more customers
  • Facing competition from other data analytics platforms and tools
  • Increasing concerns over data privacy and security can impact customer trust
  • Rapidly evolving technology landscape can make it difficult to keep up with new trends and developments

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Databricks Lakehouse Platform Plan

Databricks Lakehouse Platform offers a consumption-based pricing model with three versions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.
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