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dc-activ is a tool that helps brands and their retail partners convert shoppers to buyers in domestic and travel retail channels by designing and implementing insight-driven shopper communication and activations at fixture, in aisle, and within the wider store environment.
  • Automation

    Automated data collection and analysis

  • Customization

    Customizable dashboards and reports

  • Integration

    Seamless integration with other software systems

  • Pricing

    Relatively high pricing compared to competitors

  • Complexity

    Steep learning curve for new users

  • Limited Features

    Limited features compared to other data collection software

  • Growing demand for data collection and analysis software
  • Opportunity to add new features and expand product offerings
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with other software companies
  • Intense competition from other data collection and analysis software providers
  • Growing concerns over data security and privacy
  • Increasing government regulations and compliance requirements

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dcactiv Plan

dcactiv offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions, ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 per month, each with increasing features.
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