Debian 10 with support by Atomized

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The product has charges for seller support and maintenance and is based on Debian 10 that is updated quarterly.
HQ Location
Portland, OR
Number of Employees
  • Stable

    Debian 10 is known for its stability and reliability.

  • Security

    Debian 10 has a strong focus on security and is regularly updated with security patches.

  • Customizable

    Debian 10 is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet specific needs.

  • Complexity

    Debian 10 can be complex and difficult to set up for inexperienced users.

  • Limited Support

    Atomized's support for Debian 10 may be limited compared to other providers.

  • Outdated Packages

    Debian 10's focus on stability means that packages may be outdated compared to other distributions.

  • Debian 10's reputation for stability and security may attract a growing user base.
  • Atomized may increase their support for Debian 10 in response to customer demand.
  • Debian 10 may introduce new features and updates in future releases.
  • Debian 10 faces competition from other popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and CentOS.
  • Debian 10's strong focus on security means that any security threats could damage its reputation.
  • Debian 10's focus on stability may lead to a lack of innovation compared to other distributions.

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Debian 10 with support by Atomized Plan

Debian 10 with support by Atomized offers a monthly subscription for $49/month with access to the latest version and support.
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