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Exams and Quizzes Platform. Publish tests of any type (SAT..). Available CompTIA, CISSP, CEH, Microsoft.. free Certification Exams. Publish quizzes, exams, tests of any type (IT Certifications, SAT…). Derbyware is 100% Free. unlike all of the competition. Score Result is immediate for test takers: questions are listed with users answers marked if correct or not. An explanation is shown if provided. Each score has its unique URL for access. Registred users can see all their scores by simply clicking on “My passes” (top right). The test page lists recent scores. You can protect a test with a password so only people with it, can access it. A Future update to Derbyware will add the capability to approve users for access to your exams, instead of passwords. Start working on a quiz, come back later, pick from where you left (By clicking on "Drafts" Button on the upper left corner). When you finish and ready to publish click “Done”. Embed your tests in your website (like a youtube video) by scrolling down until you see the “embed” button on the test page. Click it. Copy and paste the code in your website. Features include: Users voting on Tests, Comments.
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