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DeskAlerts is a leading enterprise alerting software system based in the USA that is used by government administrators, healthcare bodies, financial institutions and large companies all over the world. DeskAlerts features a range of tools and channels that offer new ways to reach employees. This includes pop-up alerts, scrolling tickers, corporate screensavers and wallpapers, surveys, polls and quizzes. DeskAlerts can send more than 10,000 internal messages in just one to two seconds – on any corporate device. Messages can be sent to all employees, or to targeted groups of employees. Because the desk alert software system bypasses email, it is a much more reliable way to communicate – guaranteeing a 100% read rate, unlike email or corporate messenger apps. DeskAlerts is available for a reasonable price and is a must-have software system for companies seeking a reliable channel to reach employees with important information and be certain that they won’t miss the message.
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Alexandria, VA
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