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Dgraph is a GraphQL database with a graph backend that is highly advanced and scalable. It is the number one graph database on GitHub and has over 500,000 downloads every month. It has been Jepsen tested and has the best performance, returning millisecond query responses on terabytes of data. Dgraph is ideal for a range of use cases, from customer 360 and fraud detection to complicated queries with multi-hops and arbitrary-depth joins. It is suitable for enterprises due to its strong performance and memory management, while Dgraph Cloud makes it quick and easy for app developers to launch a project over the weekend. It is available in open source and hosted versions (Dgraph Cloud) and enterprise license.
Dgraph Labs
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San Francisco, CA
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  • Scalability

    Dgraph can handle large amounts of data and scale horizontally.

  • Flexibility

    Dgraph supports multiple data models and can be used for various use cases.

  • Performance

    Dgraph is optimized for fast queries and can handle complex graph traversals efficiently.

  • Learning Curve

    Dgraph has a steep learning curve and requires knowledge of GraphQL and distributed systems.

  • Limited Community

    Dgraph has a smaller community compared to other graph databases, which may limit support and resources.

  • Pricing

    Dgraph's pricing may be a barrier for smaller organizations or startups.

  • The graph database market is growing, which presents opportunities for Dgraph to expand its user base.
  • Dgraph can form partnerships with other companies to integrate its technology and expand its offerings.
  • Dgraph's open source nature can attract developers and contributors to improve the product and community.
  • Dgraph faces competition from other graph databases and traditional databases that are adding graph capabilities.
  • Advancements in technology may render Dgraph's technology obsolete or less relevant.
  • An economic downturn may reduce demand for Dgraph's product and services.

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Dgraph Plan

Dgraph offers a free community version and a paid enterprise version with pricing based on usage and features.
Dgraph Cloud Shared Tier $ 39 per backend per month
5GB data transfers per account, $2 per additional GB. 7 day free trial. No hidden costs. No costs for data storage. No cost per query. GraphQL schema to production in one click Change your types and datatypes instantly with flexible schema Easiest way to get a production-ready GraphQL backend Powered by the only native GraphQL database — Dgraph Out of the box support for CRUD, indexing, many-many relationships and advanced datatypes
Dgraph Cloud Dedicated Tier $ 199 per month
Starting price for hosted Dgraph. Available on AWS, GCP, and Azure. Better performance with dedicated, multi-AZ clusters Operate at scale with your backend managed by us Designed to scale for terabytes of data with millisecond response time
Dgraph $ Free Open Source
The native GraphQL database with a graph backend. A distributed system that shards data and horizontally scales to hundreds of servers Written entirely in Go. Offers high throughput and low latency for deep joins and complex traversals The #1 open source graph database on GitHub Available under the Apache 2.0 license
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