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DigiProctor is an AI-enabled Automated Proctoring solution that uses Advanced Machine and Deep Learning algorithms combined with Advanced security to deliver exams with the Highest levels of Integrity and Credibility.
CISO CyberSecurity Private Limited
  • Efficient

    Automated proctoring saves time and resources

  • Accurate

    Uses advanced AI technology to detect cheating

  • Flexible

    Can be used for both online and offline exams

  • Privacy concerns

    Some students may feel uncomfortable with being monitored

  • Technical issues

    May experience glitches or errors during the proctoring process

  • Cost

    May be expensive for smaller institutions or individual users

  • As online learning becomes more prevalent, the need for proctoring solutions will grow
  • Can expand into new markets or offer additional features to increase revenue
  • Can form partnerships with educational institutions or other companies to increase visibility and reach
  • Other proctoring solutions may offer similar or better features
  • May face legal or regulatory challenges regarding privacy or data protection
  • Some students or educators may view proctoring as invasive or unnecessary

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DigiProctor Plan

DigiProctor offers three pricing plans starting at $5 per exam with varying features such as live proctoring and AI monitoring.
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