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Although it is a powerful tool equipped with many features, SharePoint deployment out of the box has a tendency to “fall short” in terms of a favorable user experience causing user adoption to suffer. All too frequently we see companies attempt to implement SharePoint internally as an intranet portal and subsequently abandon the project altogether due to the complexity involved with building a coherent portal in which employees can collaborate. Having learned from years of experience building dozens of intranet portals for enterprise clients, we built Dock to overcome these “out of the box” challenges to help organizations drive user adoption and get the maximum return on their SharePoint investment. We tailored Dock’s user interface to create an enhanced user experience while taking full advantage of SharePoint collaborative and business workflow functionality. In contrast to the traditional “built from the ground up” approach that takes many months of requirements gathering, design, development, testing and deployment, Dock is a well thought out Intranet Portal that can be deployed within weeks while retaining a surprising amount of customizability. Dock comes with best in class user experience, superior content management capability (due to enhancements of the out of the box interface), better portal management, and pre-built SharePoint components that start addressing business needs immediately upon deployment. Dock comes with standard department portals like Sales, HR, Employee Resources, Training and Marketing. Our business process automation tools, such as Employee Onboarding and time-off requests, are usable immediately upon deployment. ShareXT, our external-facing SharePoint Online tool, allows your company to provide controlled portal access to your customers and vendors without having to purchase additional SharePoint licenses.
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Dock Intranet Portal - Business Premium $ 0 Starting 1-100 Users
This plan includes the following features: 1. Departmental Portals 2. SharePoint Workflows and Templates 3. On-Going Support and latest updates.
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