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Dockwa is a unified marina operations & marketing software, connecting boaters to marinas in real time, online & by app. Marina operators use Dockwa to fill slips, delight boaters, and save time in their day. Dockwa lets marina workers take dockage requests online, instantly collect dockage payments, send seasonal & annual contracts in seconds, & grow their customer base.
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Cambridge, MA
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Dockwa's Booking software for transient and long-term guests. Plus house accounts for your guests for onsite purchases. Dockwa Boater Network Listing 24/7 Online Booking Unlimited Requests & Inquiries Boater Messaging Availability Viewing Weekly/ Daily Simple Rates Basic Reports Installment Rates Credit Card Processing Cash & Check Payments
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A boater relationship and marina management platform that streamlines your entire operation and gets you out of the grind of contract chasing and paper pushing. All features in Book Assignments Dockwalk Recurring Charges Contract Charges Point of Sale Advanced Rate Configurations Auto Confirm Auto Throttle Opening Day Management Digital Contracts with E-Signature Automated Billing/ Invoicing
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A boater relationship and marina optimization platform that streamlines your entire operation, automates slow processes, and elevates your best opportunities for growth. All features in Book and Manage Advanced Reporting Suite Automated and Marina-branded Emails Lower Credit Card Processing Fee Revenue Allocation overrides premium advertising Email Marketing integration 1:1 Consulting with your Marina Success Manager
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