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Docmosis provides template-based document-generation software. The Docmosis suite of products allow Software Developers, Business Teams and End Users to work together to generate documents and reports much FASTER by allowing the actual document templates to be created using Microsoft Word or LibreOffice – with NO NEED for special plug-ins. Non-Developers can lay the documents out in the desired format with “placeholders” for the dynamic content and images. With a bit of technical expertise, “rules logic” can be added to the templates to give precise control over the way the content is displayed in the finished documents. Docmosis can be used from any platform including Java, .Net, Ruby, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C# and more. Docmosis can generate documents in multiple forms: PDF, ODT, Doc, Docx, HTML and RTF. Docmosis is currently used to create letters, contracts, statements, invoices, reports and many other types of documents for a wide range of industries including Finance, Health, Legal, Education, Government HR, Insurance, Logistics and Manufacturing.
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