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DoJiggy offers a free fundraising platform for nonprofit, school, and charity campaigns with donor-friendly websites for various fundraising campaigns, including peer-to-peer and crowdfunding, raffles and sweepstakes, online auctions, and event ticketing. They also have special features for virtual fundraising campaigns, such as a live stream platform and Text do Donate fundraising.
Suitable for enterprise
HQ Location
Beaverton, OR
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Customizable

    Allows for customization of fundraising pages and event registration forms

  • Comprehensive

    Offers a wide range of fundraising and event management tools

  • Affordable

    Pricing is competitive and offers a variety of plans to fit different needs

  • Limited Integrations

    Integrations with other software and platforms are limited

  • Limited Reporting

    Reporting and analytics features are not as robust as some competitors

  • Limited Support

    Customer support options are limited and may not be as responsive as desired

  • Could expand integrations with other software and platforms to increase functionality
  • Could expand reporting and analytics features to provide more insights for users
  • Could expand customer support options to improve user experience
  • Competition from other fundraising and event management software providers
  • Economic downturns could impact fundraising and event participation
  • Security breaches could impact user trust and lead to loss of business

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Review Distribution

  • 👍
    High - rated users

    Generally works seamlessly.Occasional glitches.

  • 🤔
    Average - rated users

    It's fairly easy for pledge participants to use.I wish the user interface were easier to use vs very nearly requiring some HTML knowledge. I wish that the pledge side could be used all year long as a fund raising tool similar to crowd sourcing vs requiring yet a second subscription fee for a second product that falls seriously flat. I wish that the subscription fee allowed full use all year long vs paying more for subsequent events. I wish that a dynamic scrolling leaderboard were on the event home page thus encouraging participation - commentary along side would be even better.


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DoJiggy Plan

DoJiggy offers three pricing plans: Basic ($399/year), Plus ($799/year), and Pro ($1,499/year) with increasing features and functionality.
Free $ 0
There are no platform fees when you use our free pricing model, period. Optional donor tips from your supporters allow us to offer the platform free of charge. Optional donor tips pay the Platform Fee
4.9%- 7.9% Platform Fee $ Pay As You Go
Sometimes free pricing isn’t a good fit or you don’t want donors prompted for tips during checkout. With percentage pricing, 4.9% is applied to each credit card transaction, and you decide who covers the cost. Pay only for successful Credit Card transactions No fees for Cash and Check Have as many Events as you like No Participant limits Unlimited Event Administrators
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