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DSP Lazarus is the Easiest Self-Serve DSP platform that allows Advertisers, Agencies, and Ad Networks to buy display impressions across multiple Ad Exchanges in milliseconds, with Data transparency, Measure conversions and has a powerful Algorithm that allows Automatic Optimization. Our DSP platform is developed by our own in-house technology and is based on intelligent performance driven algorithms. //Targeting Precise targeting options enable exact hit your target audience. Varied flavors of targeting options are served at Lazarus as per the taste of our clients. Those are some value-added advantages: - Geo - Device - Browser - Keywords - Caps - Carrier - Interest //Features: - Data Transparency - Ultra Targeting Options - Easy to use - Self-Serve - Impression & Conversion pixels - Mobile & Web - Support - Full control - Wide Ad Format //Ad Formats With DSP Lazarus will provide you with a wide Ad Formats, formats according to IAB standards: - Native Ads - Interstitial - Dynamic Video - 320x50 - 300x250 - 300x50 We highly recommend testing your Branding Campaigns on brandformance basis (Performance goal). Try DSP Lazarus today and start improving your results by hitting your target audience!
Lazarus DSP
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