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You have data - probably lots of it. That's not the problem. The real problem data is basically worthless unless you turn that data into insights - and that insights into action, without pain! Easyflow will help you succeed with this journey by allowing you to automate everything and visualise anything! It’s a drag-and-drop solution, no development skills required. With Easyflow you can connect apps, analyse data, and create automations and memorable KPI dashboard that work exactly how you want.
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Free forever! $ Free Per Month
Explore unlimited features and capabilities. 300 Credits/mo - 2 Flows - 1 Dashboard - 5 Visual Cards 30 min Update Time - Instant Webhook
Professional $ 47 Per Month
Anyone can automate their work. Start with the basics. 20,000 Credits/mo - Unlimited Flows - 2 Dashboards - 20 Visual Cards 5 min Update Time - Instant Webhook 2 Dashboards
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