EasySub - Online Auto Subtitle Generator

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EasySub is an online auto subtitle generator that supports 150+ free language translations. It also offers free video clips, adding watermarks, modifying background color, resolution, video export and download.
Collaboration & Productivity
  • Efficient

    Quickly generates subtitles for videos

  • Affordable

    Low cost compared to hiring a professional subtitle writer

  • User-friendly

    Easy to use interface for uploading and editing videos

  • Accuracy

    May not accurately transcribe certain accents or dialects

  • Limited languages

    Only supports a few languages for subtitle generation

  • Limited customization

    Limited options for customizing subtitle appearance

  • Adding more languages for subtitle generation
  • Integration with popular video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Improving accuracy of transcription for better quality subtitles
  • Competition from other online subtitle generators
  • Advancements in AI technology may make human transcription obsolete
  • Changes in regulations regarding accessibility and captioning requirements

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EasySub - Online Auto Subtitle Generator Plan

EasySub offers a free version with limited features and a paid version for $9.99/month with unlimited features.
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