Electrical Bid Manager

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Electrical Bid Manager is an electrical estimating software solution with business management features.
Vision InfoSoft
HQ Location
Carlsbad, CA
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Efficient bidding process

    Streamlines the bidding process and saves time

  • Accurate cost estimation

    Provides accurate cost estimates for projects

  • Customizable templates

    Allows users to create and save customized bid templates

  • Limited integration

    Does not integrate with all project management software

  • Steep learning curve

    May take time for new users to learn and navigate the software

  • Limited customer support

    Customer support may not be available 24/7

  • Can expand to new geographical markets or industries
  • Can integrate with more project management software to increase market share
  • Can add new features to attract more customers
  • Competitors may offer similar or better software
  • Economic downturns may decrease demand for construction projects
  • Changes in regulations may affect the bidding process or cost estimation

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Electrical Bid Manager Plan

Electrical Bid Manager offers three pricing versions with varying features, starting at $995 for the Basic version.
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