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Electroneum Ltd. is a UK-based blockchain project that utilises the ETN cryptocurrency to provide ETN app users with the ability to facilitate cross-border transfers at an extremely low cost (equivalent to a fraction of a US cent). The ETN app currently caters to more than four million users worldwide. In late 2019, AnyTask.com became the first freelance marketplace to adopt the Electroneum payment solution and provide freelancers around the world the ability to sell their digital services online at no cost, which compared to other freelance marketplaces could save freelancers up to 20% in fees. Furthermore, since ETN can be received via the ETN app and used to purchase a multitude of services, there's no need for a bank account, meaning a portion of the world's unbanked now has the potential to earn a living online.
Electroneum Ltd,
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Maidstone, Kent
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