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Get your entire SharePoint directory at your fingertips with our Employee Directory add-in! Our add-in makes managing employee information in your office easy and accessible anytime, anywhere. The add-in is available and can be used on any web or mobile device. This tool is one of a kind thanks to its ability to locate information of any of your office staff in a single click. Just search them by name, location, department, or job title. Because the add-in is integrated with Skype for Business and other emailing applications, you can easily call employees on Skype or chat or email them without leaving the directory platform. The Employee Directory add-in comes in a fantastic economic package: pay for one add-in and get five others absolutely free. 1. Free Birthday App part 2. Free Organizational Chart add-in 3. Free access to SharePoint Azure AD Connect tool 4. Free Beyond Intranet mobile app 5. Free News Ticker add-in to share the latest company news with your employees There are several configurations possible on this add-in, including: 1. Personalize the add-in to match your corporate branding 2. Multilingual: view directory in multiple custom languages 3. Add, delete, or edit fields on the cards as needed 4. Live chat with any user on the Employee Directory platform 5. Send instant emails to any employee directly from the add-in 6. Find direct links to user profiles in Delve 7. Seamless integration with mobile platforms 8. Login using your Office 365 credentials 9. Mobile app works offline
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