Envision Ports and Logistics Solutions (iPortman)

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iPortman is an integrated enterprise solution for ports and terminals that automates various operations such as bulk, break bulk, container, liquid, Ro-Ro, and cruise. It covers every aspect of business for marine, berth, yard, gate, and rail with planning and optimization of resources for better visibility and faster turnaround. It seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions and improves operational efficiency for operational management across sea ports, terminals, transportation, logistics, supply-chain, and maintenance operations. iPortman supports configuration of multiple organizations, multiple ports and terminals in a single instance, and can manage rate, contracts, resources, exchange rate, and other configurations with GL codes locally or globally. It also supports multiple languages and is easy to adopt locally.
Envision Enterprise Solutions
Suitable for enterprise
  • Efficient

    Streamlines logistics operations

  • Customizable

    Tailored to specific business needs

  • Real-time tracking

    Provides accurate and up-to-date information

  • Costly

    May not be affordable for small businesses

  • Complex

    May require extensive training to use effectively

  • Dependent on technology

    May experience downtime or technical issues

  • Can be used in various countries and industries
  • Can be integrated with other software for a complete solution
  • Growing market for logistics software
  • Other logistics software providers may offer similar solutions
  • Decreased demand for logistics software during a recession
  • Risk of data breaches or cyber attacks

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Envision Ports and Logistics Solutions (iPortman) Plan

iPortman's pricing strategy offers a subscription-based model with three versions, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise, at competitive prices.
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