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Free FeverIQ Covid Health Monitor: Help your team stay safe & healthy – and save your company time & money. Best suited for senior executives and HR leaders at companies who are looking to manage health and safety for 100 or more employees, reduce legal & financial risk to their companies, & optimize for accuracy & productivity. Managing health and safety for a facility during Covid is especially complicated and stressful. While human interaction is essential to your organization, the last thing YOU need for your team is coronavirus. How do you identify people at risk of infection BEFORE they enter your building? It’s impractical to test everyone, every day. Introducing FeverIQ: the easiest and most cost-effective full-scale Covid safety management solution you’ll find. FeverIQ’s best-in-class health monitoring and quarantine management solution helps your people stay safe and healthy during Covid. Built by Stanford University bioengineering faculty, FeverIQ uses an AI risk model trained on over 6 million Covid symptom reports to deliver results up to 2.7 times more accurate than temperature checks and static checklists. FeverIQ is online, contactless and paper-free. No more clipboards! Add your teams. Assign them to rotational cohorts. Monitor their daily health checks. Export contact tracing data. Manage quarantines and order Covid tests to ship directly when needed. All from one time-saving dashboard. FeverIQ is also HIPAA compliant. With advanced cryptography, health data stays on the user’s device. You’ll have the insights to make decisions, while cutting the legal and financial risk of data breaches. Keep your business running safely with FeverIQ. Start today at www.feveriq.com

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FeverIQ Plan

Premium Service $ 5 per user per month
For just $0.17 per user per day, you get full access to our best-in-class comprehensive employee and customer Covid health monitoring solution. Display results Send reminders Monitor compliance One on one support Your logo on the survey Share test results with others Screen employees and guests Export risk history and compliance data Automatic red/yellow results flagged to admin Automated Health Check reminders for users
Enterprise API $ Custom Contact Us
API includes all Premium features fully integrated into your own website or mobile app. Access token to our compute API Offer COVID Health Check with a unified user experience Help keep your users safe with the advanced FeverIQ risk model built on millions of real-world reports of COVID symptoms
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