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Filopto Eye Care Practice Management System is designed for optical shops, optometrist and ophthalmologist. Proven to save time and increase efficiency Filopto is equipped to help you manage your business. The Eye on Your Business module gives you a dashboard view of how your business is doing. Filopto is comprehensive and uses a simple workflow navigation system that gets users able to easily use the system within a few minutes. Filopto’s built-in wizards also help users complete the more complex task they may encounter. Filopto provide the following modules and tools: Patient File, Prescription Manager Appointment Scheduler, Appointment Waiting List, Recall Manager, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Equipment Connectivity, Invoicing/Dispensing, Lab Orders Manager, e-payment (credit card and e-check) support, Inventory Manager, Purchase Order Manager, Promo Pricing Manager, Rolodex, Patient Accounts Receivable, Insurance Accounts Receivable, Insurance Manager, Insurance Claims Submission(U.S.: CMS-1500, Canada: NS MSI, BC MSP, OHIP, Manitoba Health, Alberta Health and Manitoba Blue Cross), Claims Manager, Vendor Manager, Employee Manager (Basic or Enterprise Version), User Security Manager, Communication & Marketing Manager, Forms Manager, Educational Info Manager, Report Manager, Ask a Question query tool, Eye on Your Business Manager, QuickBooks Desktop Connector, Point of Sale support, Bar Code support, LIVE Help and Support via online remote connection, and over 600+ user customizable forms and reports.
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