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Finicity’s open banking platform makes connecting your customers’ financial data to your app or service simple. Finicity’s open banking platform is being used by some of the largest and most innovative organizations in the world to empower their customers with better financial experiences. Data quality is essential to your experience. Our data is battle tested in the most rigorous markets. Easily code to endpoints, test data and connect to Finicity’s open banking platform for leading API coverage of banks, credit unions, payroll providers and other financial services. Our suite of APIs makes it easy to access the data you need to power your products.
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Murray, Utah
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Finicity Plan

Finicity Pay $ varies by API and volume
Finicity Pay™ is our integrated set of data services that accurately verifies account details, account owner(s), and balances at lightning speed. Account Details Account Owner(s) Balances Loan Details
Finicity Manage $ varies by API and volume
Finicity Manage™ delivers the consum- er-permissioned data needed to fuel your innovative apps and services. Transactions Statements Account History
Finicity Lend $ varies by API and volume
Finicity Lend™ gives lenders access to all the core data points needed to feed their credit decision models across mortgage, personal, SMB, auto and any other lending process. Assets Income Employment Cash Flow Statements (CRA) Transactions (CRA) Credit Scoring Attributes
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