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Fleksy (Thingthing Ltd.) is a dynamic software company specialized in developing software typing technologies.  We serve dozens of small, medium, and large companies leverage our powerful Fleksy keyboard SDK, which helps them build a software keyboard that is 10X better in 90% less time. Case Studies can be found on our website https://www.fleksy.com/ Companies that require a white-labeled keyboard come to Fleksy for its top-tier typing experience and ability to customize the look and feel, to fit their brand. Top players in the mobile gaming industry love Fleksy for its fun colors, unique sounds, and alluring fonts that work together to create a fully immersive experience for their users. Gesture typing and superb next-word and emoji predictions are a huge plus too! Many other industries can benefit from the Fleksy SDK: CyberSecurity, CyberSafety, FinTech, Advertising, Gaming, CRM, Automotive, etc. Whenever there's a touchscreen typing involved, Fleksy SDK can improve your end-users typing experience dramatically.
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Fleksy Keyboard SDK Plan

Fleksy Core SDK $ Free Trial 2000 users Per Month
Our cross-platform keyboard API has been used more than 20 million times. Supporting 82 languages, it includes a powerful auto-correction engine, next-word prediction algorithm, and a patent-pending swipe input method. AUTOCORRECT AUTOCOMPLETION NEXT WORD PREDICTION SWIPE INPUT SUPPORT LANGUAGE SUPPORT
Fleksy Keyboard SDK $ Free Trial 1000 users Per Month
Our feature-rich virtual keyboard SDK enables developers, SMBs and Organizations to build a fully customized keyboard app. It includes our Fleksy Core and Templates, enabling you to build a 10x better software keyboard in 90% less time. Available on Android and iOS. IOS & ANDROID LOOK & FEEL CONFIGURATION CUSTOM VIEWS (Pro Plan) ONBOARDING CALL (Pro Plan) DATA LAYER (Custom Plan) AMAZING SUPPORT LANGUAGE SUPPORT (82 Languages) OFFLINE MODE (Custom Plan) MONTHLY UPDATE CALLS (Custom Plan) JOINT MARKETING ACTIVITIES FLEKSY LOGO ON WEB REVENUE-SHARE TERMS (Custom Plan) REDISTRIBUTION RIGHTS (Custom Plan)
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